niedziela, 29 lipca 2012

Electric blue

 foto by P.
top - Denim Co
skirt - Atmosphere
bag - Atmosphere
shoes - F&F

 "'Electric blue' eyes, where did you come from?
  'Electric blue' eyes, who sent you?
  'Electric blue' eyes, always be near me.."

niedziela, 22 lipca 2012


 foto by P.
blouse - Atmosphere 
skirt - Caliope
watch - Gift
shoes - Atmosphere
bag - Atmosphere

"I'll tell you my dream that often haunts me
I enter the garden full of 'flowers'
If you look at them they are common white flowers
If you lie down on the ground the turn into the rainbow colours"

niedziela, 15 lipca 2012


foto by P.
blouse - NY
jeans - Vero Moda
bag - Gift
shoes - Dunnes Stores

"Is true love a long walk through Bryant park
Or being held in the month of May
under the 'peach' trees
There I will be, will be until you come and get me.."

poniedziałek, 9 lipca 2012


 foto by P.
top - Sh
skirt - H&M
shoes - Atmosphere
bag - No Name
glasses - House
watch - Gift

I've been thinking a lot about 'dots' on the wall...

środa, 4 lipca 2012


 foto by P.
t-shirt - Top Shop
shorts - Papaya
bag - Atmosphere
shoes - F&F
headband - C&A
watch - Gift
earrings - NY

 Nietuzinkowy t-shirt to podstawa każdej kobiecej garderoby. W sklepach jest mnóstwo koszulek z różnymi napisami czy nadrukami, ale polecam tworzenie czegoś oryginalnego w zaciszu domowym...wtedy dopiero możecie być pewni niepowtarzalności swojego dzieła.